Fixing the UX of IP Addresses

Remembering IP addresses has long been a pain point for system administrators. They're long, clunky and difficult to remember - essentially a 12-digit phone number for internet-connected machines. Trying to remember the IPs of the endless reams of servers that you manage (was it x.x.x.y? or was

Making a Mosaic from Random Images

You may have noticed that this blog has been quiet for a while. That's because I've been writing my undergraduate dissertation (the subject of another soon-to-be blog post, and hopefully a published paper)! This post is to make up for my lack of activity on here lately -- so let's

Online Backup of Ghost Blog

I've been running a Ghost blog and some other pieces of software on my server for the last couple of years, and to my shame, until recently I hadn't sorted out a proper backup scheme. Being paranoid, I set up Tarsnap to perform daily backups of my Git repositories and